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Jan 9, 2020

Rose, Mitch, and Tom welcome returning guests Louis Nick (Spoiled Again) and Adam Zopfi-Hulse (9021 Oh No You Dinnit!) back to wrap-up the year with a no holds barred game show using trivia pulled from recent LBP episodes.


Dec 25, 2019

The LBP team gets in the holiday spirit with a metric buttload of Christmas facts.


Oct 23, 2019

Rose and the boys welcome Louis Nick (Spoiled Again, Talkin' Chat) back as they celebrate Halloween with a look at the urban legend surrounding weirdos messing with candy. Plus, they try to use a Ouija board to talk to dead people.


Sep 4, 2019

The LBP team discuss the life and times of Queen Elizabeth's favorite black magician/science nerd, the infamous, John Dee.


Aug 20, 2019

The LBP team welcomes Louis Nick (Spoiled Again, Talkin' Chat) as they discuss lady bootleggers of the Prohibition era: Mary Ann Moriarity, Josephine Doody, and Maggie Bailey.