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Jan 3, 2019

Get a taste of what's available on LongBall's Patreon page.

This is "Patreon Gift Bag A" and it contains:

Anvilicious: Family Ties featuring Mitch, Rose, Tom, and Jon discussing the very special episode "Uncle Ned" featuring Tom Hanks. So special!

Giant-Sized Get to Know Your LongBallers: Tracy featuring Mitch & Jon...

Nov 7, 2018

The Abandoned Atoll saga comes to a close as Jon Jolley gives Rose, Mitch, and Tom his "desert island" music picks.


Aug 6, 2018

Rose and the boys are joined yet again by Jon Jolley (Buffy vs Bauer) and Estefania Rodriguez and Arnel Baluyot from the to discuss their new strategic card game, PopCats Fighter: Unleash the Furry. Plus, Rose and Tom battle to using said strategic card game.

Check out for more details.