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Dec 26, 2017

Rose, Mitch, and Adam discuss two of the worst people the UK has ever produced, serial killer couple, Ian Brady & Myra Hindley.

Dec 19, 2017

Rose, Mitch, and Tom finish up their seasonal festivities with more fun Christmas customs from around the world and some Christmas related labor strife.

Dec 12, 2017

Mitch, Rose, Tom, and newcomer, Chad Mullen, discuss "unique" Christmas traditions from around the world and the ultimate "Bad Santa".

Dec 5, 2017

Rose, Mitch, and Iain Horton discuss everyone's favorite rotund Prohibition agents, Izzy & Moe.

Nov 28, 2017

Rose, Mitch, and Tom dive head first into the British royal family with Edward VIII who gave up the thrown for love and loved Nazis.